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The Knowledge Book:  The Writing Program

Those who wish, write the Knowledge Book in their own handwriting from either the Purple Book or the 62 Fascicule Format (you cannot switch between the Book or Fascicules once you’ve started writing).  The Book is to be copied exactly as it is, including capitalizations, using a fountain pen and ink that flows (no gel, ball-point, pencil) and one color ink throughout, preferably black.

Those who write Individually have no time limit to complete the Writing Program, keeping in mind, however, that it is better to complete writing as soon as possible.

Those who write within  a Council of Three have 62 weeks to finish; while those who write within the Totality of 18 or a Flower Program have 6 months.   Please be aware that this is the maximum time allotted for writing; the Book can be finished in 1 month, 2 months, etc. Unless the Writing Program is completed correctly it is not effective.  For further details about the Writing Program, please contact a member of the Focal Point nearest you, or email through the contact page.