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The Knowledge Book: Ordering Materials

Currently, only Missionaries (those in a Council of 3, a Totality of 18 or a Flower) can distribute copies of the purple book and the introductory Fascicules from the Knowledge Book. 

They are available in: Albanian, Dutch, Greek, English, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Turkish and other. Please inquire if you would like the Fascicules in a language not listed.

The purple book in any language costs $130 USD. In case shipping is involved it will be added to the cost. ( You can pay in Can dollars by calculating the exchange rate ).

If you would like to obtain an Introductory Set (the First Fascicule or Fascicules 1, 20, 25), or you know of someone who would like to get one, please contact the member nearest you at the contact page.

The Introductory Sets are a gift; no donations are accepted.