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The Knowledge Book: Introduction

Since our inception and throughout our billion century evolutionary history, Humanity has been guided towards Consciousness, Awareness, Consciousness of a Single God, and now, Universal Consciousness, Unity, and Knowledge of the Truth.  At each stage of our development, we have been gifted with information and guidance in line with our level of evolution, comprehension and understanding.

At first, we were given the Teachings of the Far East: although it was too difficult for most of Humanity, a few were able to accomplish this Program and, for the first time, Humanity was able to reach the level of God Consciousness.  The Program of Moses reached more people, but it too was not completely successful.  It was through the Program of Love introduced by Jesus Christ that Humanity was able to soften and to become open to Cosmic Influences and thereby was able to evolve more quickly.  With the Koran, Mohammed introduced Social Knowledge: Humanity was then left to ripen with the Frequencies of the Sacred Books for 1500 years. 

The end of the 20th Century marked the end of the Age of Sacred Books and of Religion – Prophets - Intercession.  Humanity is now in the middle of a three-Century Cosmic Age:  the Period of Preparation for and Transition to the Golden Age.  Whereas previously we could pray and beseech and receive Celestial Intercession, that time is over.  This Period is the time of Harvest - Judgment - Resurrection:  We are going through our Final Exams.

We are showered with Energies we have never received previously and, again, we are gifted with a Book that enables us to evolve and allows us to successfully pass through this Last Period and to enter the Golden Age:  The Knowledge Book.  The Knowledge Book is the Key - the Book of Truth - the Book of Guidance - the Book of Salvation - the Book of Selection.   It contains all the Frequencies and Energies of the Sacred Books (The Old Testament, the Psalms of David, the New Testament, the Koran and the Philosophies of the Far East), plus Celestial Energies never given and Knowledge that had never been revealed. 

The Knowledge Book is written in a special technique (the Light – Photon – Cyclone) where the Time Consciousness is loaded onto the letter Frequencies.  When a person reads the Knowledge Book, whatever Time Consciousness is loaded onto the letter Frequencies at the time of reading and that corresponds to that person’s Evolutionary Consciousness remains in their memory; everything else that was read is erased and energies and frequencies beyond the reader’s level are blocked.  In this way, each person retains only the information and the energy they can absorb safely, without any shocks.  Currently, the Knowledge Book enables Humanity to evolve as much as 1000 years in as little as one hour.  In the future, this will be accomplished in minutes and then in every breath.

The Destiny of Humanity – the Planet - the Universe has been entrusted to Humanity.  Although we live in the Dimension of Veiled Consciousness where the Covenant we had made with the Divine is either forgotten or deeply buried in our subconscious, our mission is to Awake, to fulfill our Covenant, and to realize our True Selves:  and this is exactly why The Knowledge Book has been bestowed to Humanity.   Through It, we will be able to Unify and fly hand-in-hand as Genuine Humane Beings, as Brothers and Sisters that embrace ALL in Love, Peace and Harmony, thereby to easily enter the Golden Age and to continue onto the Path of Light.